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Linda D.
 in response to troy flora...   Can I get the info for your blog?
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Linda D.
 in response to mrsjewell...   Go to your local Government office an apply for foodstamps, housing, medicaid for family, get a free cell phone ............God bless
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Linda D.
I'm in need of a Vehicle to get back and for to work. I had to give up my job because of no transportation. Also I haven't seen my son( in 3 years along with my daughter who is 14) who just joined the Army and has Basic Training May 8,2012 and want's to see me before shipping out after Graduation. Also his sister lives with him an their dad. I have hit rock bottom. Jeep got repo 3 years ago after moving to NC. I'm an hour from Charlotte if anyone can help. Looking for a free laptop also. Also a good paying job if anyone can help. I have to pay child support.
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Linda D.
 in response to gregdavid...   Have you checked with the Wounded Warriors Project? They help anyone in need that's in the Military.
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Hi we are a millitary family that has went down a long and hard road in the pass year. we lost everything in a home we rented due to black mold we all got really sick the health dep told us not to go back in so we losted everything toys,clothing,beds. An d this was within about two weeks after my husband returned from iraq. We lived in a camper for about two months with 5 children. we are in a home now still trying to get back on our feet we are behind in bills. we put posters up and set up an account at the bank and no luck we asked for donations and no luck.My husband has missed alotof work due to going to the va hospital as he has ptsd really bad he is a good man he just came home a broken solider but he came home and i thank god every day for that. I would love to beable to give my kids a good christmas along with other things they may need if you have any info please get back with me.
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 in response to christy5...   Dear Christy I just read your post and my heart goes out to you please let me knw how you are doing. I am new on the site and I am on the same boat as you I feel we have a lot in common. keep in touch and may god be with you.
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sir i need help getting from surry virginia to clinton south carolina i have no ride and no money and i need to get back to my wife and kids is there any way you can help me please

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hi sir my name is latissha bibbs. i am living in a hotel room becuz my home has went in foreclosure cuz of the owner. i need assistance in paying for my room. it is $55 daily and $245 for a week. do u know of any help i can get.

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 I've not seen you post in a long time, though I had a short break so I may have missed it , but how are you doing? How is your business going?


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hi, how are you?

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Hi, Im on aidpage and just want to say Hi and have a great day!

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We are homeless, having a baby, and we are living in our van. My finiance is looking for a job but nothing is hiring or atleast they tell him that they are not. We have no money, no food, and no gas. If you can help we have a paypal account @ Thank you very much if you can help us. GOD BLESS!!!...

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I have added you to numerous things to add post to so that you may stay in contact with us. I didn't know that was a factor and thank you very much for taking interesti in our family blog and problems. I really appreciate the public support in times of need, God knows we need all of the help we can get, especially right now.

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troy flora

Thank you for visiting my blog site, we will update our company's programs as they develop. Please leave a comment on our what is your dream group page. You may receive funds for your dream. Be specific with your dreams. Good luck!!!

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Hai Brother, Greetings from pas Francis Bathula. It is good to know about you through AidPage, please let us know we are here to pray for you. In His Service, Pas Francis Bathula.

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I want to use the freedom of information act to get sample applications. I cannot find a link to the request samples application you describe

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Hi I am trying to find help for my best friend. He is the most caring for other people person I have ever meet and has help me very much. I love him dearly. My friend has low self esstem and feels ugly after a girl 4 years ago broke his heart by saying that he was the uglyiest person that she'd ever had been with. Can someone please help me find a solution to his problems. He has not had the dental care that is required in many years and I know that his mood and, outlook on life would improve only if he had more self confidence somthing that he says he's working on. I am a good friend and again, love him very very much but, I know how sensitive he is about his teeth and it is hard not knowing how to say that maybe if he were to see a someone who could help him his mood and self confidence may increase. He is currently looking for love and, I want to help him find it dearly because, I care so much not only for him but, for the reasons he's here ( to show people caring and how to open thier hearts to the world) that im now reaching out were ever I can. He is very low income and will tell me that it is the way god made him. So now...I'm looking for a sign from... Please if anyone reads and hears and feels my cries for help please contact me. Our only hope is eachother Please help give back my friend his life. Thank you very much. Eli F. Richey

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hello again i forgot to say i like ur name (Wizard )

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hello how are you doing today i just join this site. hope to make new friends .would u add me pls. have a good blessed day. Rose

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hi!!!! how r u all? im the new member of the aid page, inc. god bls all of my frends!!!

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