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Hello Wizard, My husband was a subcontractor and has No work and I just lost my job due to lack of work and I dont qualify for unemployment, We have 3 Children (son,Jake 9,daughter Shelby 5, Daughter haley 7) and we have no way to pay our bills our church did pay our heat bill last month but we are going to lose our home and our church does not have enough money to help us it is a small church. We Dont want to be homeless for our kids sake could anyone out there help us? If it was just my husband and myself I would not care IT'S MY KIDS I worry about having to live in a car, My libary has grant gate but I cant find anything in michigan, could someone Please Help I would be Very Very Greatful, Thank You Very Much-WorriedSickof3

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Try Keiser University, totally online, FAFSA and Sallie Mae help.

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Hi, I just found a yahoo group thing that is great- for people in need- It is called Free cycle- and cheep cycle, one goes to yahoo groups and types in free cycle in their geographical area. There are posts for free funiture, household items, ect. . . It is a bartering thing which is what this world needs to get back to in these tough times-- Sands

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Hi I have seen your name all over aidmate and I was wondering if you knew of anyone who could help me help my mother. We have been going through this for so long and my mother wants to give up but I'm not going to let her. So please help me.

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I am a grandmother of 3 and this should be a golden years time for me and my husband but the truth is we have done so much to help our grandchildren 5,7,9 and the fact that i lost a well paying job that we are just way over our head in debt. Plain and simple. Just need a hand up to get out of this without going bankrupt. This is very embarassing to have to ask for this help, but if anyone could help It would be greatly appreciated.

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pak bez mail

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test 5

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The Wizard

Welcome to aidPage!

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Zdravey Wizard, Namerih vi vruzkite ot bulgariansocietyof Las Vegas i Christina Chril4ev mi predloji tazi website. Radvam se 4e se otkrihme nay nakraya. Az sum mayke na godinka i polovina dushteri4ka i supruga na amerikanski jitel. Toku shto doydohme v Vegas i az sum v Sasht ot 3 godini i polovina. Ne poznavam nikogo tuk v Vegas i postoyanno se 4udy kak da otkriya bulgari i priyateli na koito moga da raz4itam za da znam 4e ne sum sama, samo sus supruga, sus koito ne se razbirame mnogo. Razbrah 4e ima subraniya ponykoga. Moje li da mi pratish suobshtenie na kogato stane nykoi zbirka za da se sreshna sus hora. Nymam priyateli tuk,i mnogo shte se radvam da buda chlen na tova obshtestvo. Oshte dali trybva da plashtam vednaga za chlenstvo na bulgariansociety in nevada,zashtoto az ne rabotya i muja mi izkarva mnogo malko pari. v momemnta vzimame hilydi na zaem ot roditelite mu da pokriem smedki koito shte se natrupat pak, i vseki $ otiva za deteto. Dali moje da sum member i da se sreshnem li4no bez da doprenesy sega? Imam mnogo vuprosi oshte i samo dobri hora mogat da mi pomognat. Ot meseci ne moga da si namery rabota da pomogna na semeystvoto i tova me kara da buda mnogo zavisima ot muja mi koyto edva svurzva dvata kraya i mu trybva moyta 4e ne sum 4itava, ako se sreshnem sus oshte bulgari na nykoe party koeto organizirate, shte razberete pove4e za men. 4estita nova godina i vsi4ko nay dobro. Moly vi pishete mi i pomognete da se svurja sus hora, bulgari ili ne tuk v Vegas na koito moga da raz4itam. ne znam kak moje da se svurjete obratno no az se registrrah i sum edna ot 16 potrebitela na Bulgarian socety of Nevada.

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Does anyone actually get monetary help from this? I've been on here since the 17th of Dec and read through tons of profiles or comments saying the same thing... need help desperately. But up till now I have not seen anyone saying they actually were able to get the help. I know I am bursting at the seams here and it's really difficult to be optimistic when I see no tangible results... or maybe I am not looking in the right place. All I know... I STILL need at least $5000. to at least reach water level, let alone keep myself above water. And I'm running out of places to apply for loans, and getting sick of "free grant money" book and cd offers. I need REAL help. Drew

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I had to delete a couple of postings off my page from user bowl Just to let you know. I appreciate this site. Thanks and happy holidays

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Wizzard- Thank you so much for the details on the grant down loads. I will find these helpfull in my well......Sands

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dear wizard ur the chief plz help me out im a pakistani living in pakistan im married & have onw daughter i am working with a very low paid job & cannot meet ends, but since my babys birth last month im in complete crises since i had to pay the hospital charges, i had to even take loans from ppl..plz help me by sending me some money i wont forget your favour plz im in desperate need i dont know who else to turn too??.plz plz anyone help me

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Hi Wizzard- I down loaded Grant Gate and Federal Grant... Twice... I can not get them to come up after the down load any ideas??? Thanx - Sands

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I see you visited my aid page and would like to thank you, for at least taking the time to look at my page. I have added a little more information due to my disabilities and my christmas wishes. But I di however just want to thank you and wish you and yours a holday season.

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Just wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy holiday season and a joyous new year.

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thank you for looking into my problems hope to here from you helpashton

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help please tell me how to view my messages please i cant seem to read them thanks slong400

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TY Wizard for this site....maybe I can get the help I need.. :)

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For Justin

Hi Wizard! First off, I think what you have done with this site is amazing. Thanks to you and all involved in your orginzation who put their help out here for people in need. There should be more people like you in this world. I would like to send a hug and a prayer to every and each person on this site who are genuinely going through hardships and for them to know that there is someone out there who knows the pain and overwhelming feelings that go with it. My son has a rare disease and we are facing the fact that he may only be here with us another year or less and it is tough on Justin and I, but we pull through it somehow because we have eachother.. I also want to tell people we all have one thing and that is HOPE! I have a aidpage here if there is anyone who would like to know my situation, I would be so thankful for any help I could get (even if it is just words). I hope one day I will be an oppurtunity that I could help someone in need. Id like to say to anyone who is being fraudalent on this site that its very cruel and sad to do that to people. You are causing so much distrust. Its those type of people who make it hard for the ones who truly need help and you make it hard for others to trust the ones needing help. In my opinion that is the wrong! Thank you for your time and thanks for all and any help you have given to everyone! god bless! sherrygilbreath@hotmai ***Also I would like to add your a handsome man :)

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