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I am facing homelessness. I need help paying bills and getting my health back. Please some help me. Thanks

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I have a question, obviously due to my current situation I can not help with money for anyone on the site. But my husband and I have six children between us and there are many clothes that they have out grown, I have all different sizes and would be willing to give them to someone in need. Is there a way to search for specific needs on the site. My husband and I are also very artistic in drawing, painting and taking photos which I would gladly donate my time for any projects the site may need or want done. Please let me know if we can help.

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My family and I need help. We owe $500 in rent, $100 in electric, and $50 in gas. We need food, I got a few things from the church a few days ago, but we need more. MY husband was US Air Force and was forced out because of a career change. We have been trying extremely hard to do things on our own, but it seems the harder we try the further down the drain we go. PLease someone please help us. God bless

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I have encountered three fraudulent people in 2 days trying to donate money with a fee. I just thought that people may think all those people are legit, but in reality they are scamming those in need out of that last bit of money they have. I hope that people are smart about these people. Just thought I would share...

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hey there Mr wizard you have done a good thing, your web site is a good place for those who need a place to go without being felt left out, an open forum, good thing, an i applaude you" my name is billy i live in New York an i have joined your community, an have asked all my freinds an assoicates to join also ,information is power an you have a site that can empower people an i thank you, be well billy

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hi there you are a very nice man,i think this website is great how about auctioning things off to make money to help all on the site,i will auction my poetry,its very good,if i can publish it i will sell the book and put it in a fund,then maybe others will auction things,it could be as big as e bay,well not quite,thats a bit overdramatic.well what do you think of my idea please e mail me at cannon@lynneireland2.wanadoo.c

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Hi Wizard, Sorry to bother you again. I have one quick question. Is there anything that can be done about these so called "lenders" that post several times? They provide no business information, no contact information (other than an email) and they are posting several times.

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i im very glad to meet you even though the computer i was amazed at what i was reading i found it to be very intrestering even though i cant help right now because of my own problem i will think of you often

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The Wizard


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Hello, my name is Melissa Redding. I am a mother of 2 and a stay at home mom. I decided to go back to college but I had to take only online courses. I was excited to find out that they were going to allow us to receive the PELL Grant even if all the classes were online. Then I enrolled for 4 classes and ordered my books. But then I found out whoever is in control of the PELL process changed their minds and said no so I had to drop one of my classes because the books were going to cost me $400.00. For me this is not fair I cannot attend a school on campus we are low income and only have one vehicle. I was so excited and had planned on finishing the program in 3 quarters, but without the PELLS help it will now take longer to finish it. Thanks

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Talk to titter
Talk to titter

Thank you for creating and maintaining this website for people. It's really great and gives hope to anyone in need.

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my name is mayo my son needs dental implants and i can not afford to do it and it is affecting his confidence please help me .


Hi, this is Dilly (Wanda). This website is brilliant. Congradulations! I am so proud to have found it. People need to help other people. I think a lot of people has lost sight of that fact. I know I have been very discouraged lately. Finding this website has given me hope again. Happiness comes from helping each other through this life. Thank you so much! Dilly

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I think this is a wonderful site! It really boosts my faith in people. It is possible to meet each other's needs if people just reach out to one another. I noticed that you visited my post/page and I'm wondering if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for me. I realize that I'm not in any immediate need, other than the day to day expenses of caring for young children and keeping a car running, but I feel that I'll be able to make a worthwhile contribution to society if I am able to get my advanced degrees. Any ideas??

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Hi, I am just starting to use aidpage again. I stopped because I couldnt figure out the messaging. I probably should have tried alittle harder but I have got it under control again. I am writing you because I see your name everywhere on this site. Could you help me with any information on recieveing grant money to help fund my education? Or maybe you know someone who could? I have been researching grants online and they seem to be only available to non-profits. Anyone who says they can help me wants money to do so and well if I had money I wouldnt need help I think. Any information would be greatly, deeply, appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Thank you for having this for people.

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