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... it feels good to help!

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    CJVoga   in reply to fahmy
    Sorry I do not help individual except through organization
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    littlelacie   in reply to CJVoga
    Hi,the Wizard has not been on this site since 2010.We have no way to contact him. you just need to search the internet,we have no information about available grants.
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    Hi, I am 54 years old.I am looking for some kind of grants that will help me get a business going. I have $100,000.00 to start. I have found a building that is $160,000.00 that use to be a nursing facility. I want to make an assistant living home for the elder. I need money to do work on building and also for start up. This building needs windows and also electrical work. The building is all brick and good shape for structure. Is there grants that I can apply for to help me with my goals. Thanks Cj
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    Hello sir I am living in Ethiopia and now studying in university i am HIV positive due to i inherited it from my mom and dad and they passed away 2 years a go my dad and 12 years ago my mom ,my sister returned to Ethiopia from Saudi Arabia due to disagreement there assisting me in my lesson,I have no one to help me except her but from the time she returned she also can't get enough means of survival if it is possible for you please help me in the name of God
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    Hello Wizard, this board is a good creation. I hope that you can find an economical SEO. I've used Scrub the Web before, its free and pretty good. On second thought maybe you board isn't so bad afterall, I did at least find you :) Anyway, I just wish there were more ppl on here. Suggestion: Maybe we could have a section just for "social" Even the most worried ppl need a place where they can leave their fears at the door sometimes. Hang in there and good job!
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    I am 19 years old and married with a 3 month old son we live with family but it is really cramped my husband or I do not have a job but he will have one some time soon but in the mean time we need help getting a place just for a couple months till we are back on our feet please
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    I hope this doesn't offend you in any way. I was wondering if there is work in Las Vegas?
    I've heard from others that valet parkers can make good money.
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    Good day
    please help me with money to pay the amount of the documnt for my sistr to come back home to south africa..she is very sick nd the problm is ths sh in senegal.nd i m in south africa please help me with money so tht i go nd take her to home.please help me i m beggn for $150 or more plz i m beggng u
    thnx may god bless u
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    Please help me I am due to go to the doctor on the July 2 to meet with them in order to get ready for my bypass that I need because of my sugar and liver. This is going to cost me 200.00 in office my medicaid and medicare is paying the rest, plus I have to get my protein drink and vitamins too is there anyone that can help me, I want to live thats why I need this surgery.
    Talk to JudyHe
    In Jesus I, with my wife and team, am working for Christian people who are away from the right path and struggling to make them true Christians through education and awareness. Would you like to join us please? I will wait for your kind reply.
    Kind regards,
    Akram Raza and team
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    How can you tell if someone is being honest about wanting to help you out when you need help?
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    troy flora
     in response to Linda D....   i dont have a regular blog persay. i keep pretty busy to be online all the time. but generally i use a variety of sites to include aidpage. i try to seek others and their questions and leave a comment directly. if you google my name you will see many. troy flora. here are a few,,,, i put most money info in my book called Getting control: The complete guide to getting yourself out of horrible debt. available on
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    Linda D.
     in response to troy flora...   Can I get the info for your blog?
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    Linda D.
     in response to mrsjewell...   Go to your local Government office an apply for foodstamps, housing, medicaid for family, get a free cell phone ............God bless
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    Linda D.
    I'm in need of a Vehicle to get back and for to work. I had to give up my job because of no transportation. Also I haven't seen my son( in 3 years along with my daughter who is 14) who just joined the Army and has Basic Training May 8,2012 and want's to see me before shipping out after Graduation. Also his sister lives with him an their dad. I have hit rock bottom. Jeep got repo 3 years ago after moving to NC. I'm an hour from Charlotte if anyone can help. Looking for a free laptop also. Also a good paying job if anyone can help. I have to pay child support.
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    Linda D.
     in response to gregdavid...   Have you checked with the Wounded Warriors Project? They help anyone in need that's in the Military.
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    Hi we are a millitary family that has went down a long and hard road in the pass year. we lost everything in a home we rented due to black mold we all got really sick the health dep told us not to go back in so we losted everything toys,clothing,beds. An d this was within about two weeks after my husband returned from iraq. We lived in a camper for about two months with 5 children. we are in a home now still trying to get back on our feet we are behind in bills. we put posters up and set up an account at the bank and no luck we asked for donations and no luck.My husband has missed alotof work due to going to the va hospital as he has ptsd really bad he is a good man he just came home a broken solider but he came home and i thank god every day for that. I would love to beable to give my kids a good christmas along with other things they may need if you have any info please get back with me.
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     in response to christy5...   Dear Christy I just read your post and my heart goes out to you please let me knw how you are doing. I am new on the site and I am on the same boat as you I feel we have a lot in common. keep in touch and may god be with you.
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    sir i need help getting from surry virginia to clinton south carolina i have no ride and no money and i need to get back to my wife and kids is there any way you can help me please

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